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My name is pronounced Lina and I decided to start “I Love Mondays” after years in the corporate world as a marketing and branding specialist, where business trips and late night events were my whole life and Monday were my least favorite day of the week.

But now I spend my time creating free graphics and planning tools that you can download absolutely for free and use to start you own little business just like me, and ditch the hamster wheel life where you have to spend way too much time away from your family.

My finally decision on creating my own business started when I had my son, I couldn’t see myself commuting and working away from him 45-50 hours a week. So my husband and I made a big decision, we wanted to live a simpler life with less work and more free time. That meant putting our summerhouse and apartment  up for sale and moving back to my cozy little hometown, where we could live a life with less expenses and closer to nature.

This website is my own little universe where you can read about my life, my take on being a toddler momall the awesome tips on how to start your own business, delicious recipes and of course i also share my best amazon tips. Besides helping others with marketing tips and courses, I also use this universe to live out my longtime dream, where i make my own art pieces into posters. You can also find cool t-shirts, note books, tote bags and graphic downloads in my little shop.

Follow my crazy journey where renovating an old house, raising a toddler, traveling to amazing parts of the world, starting a business, wearing statement t-shirts and being a crazy plant lady is everyday life.

Always feel free to contact me, whether it is business related or you just want a new social media buddy. And i mean it. Give me a follow on either one of these accounts, send a little message and I will follow you back and support you, just like you have supported me.

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Thank you for supporting a small business owner - when you buy something an actually person do a little dance, in this case it's me.

I am looking forward to getting to know you.

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