What I packed for a two week holiday in Thailand with my toddler

What I packed for a two week holiday in Thailand with my toddler

Jan 27 , 2020

Our holiday in Thailand in November was amazing and even though the last few days down there was rough because of my pregnancy morning sickness (read: all day sickness)  haha I’m not sure why they call it morning sickness, I was able to control it in the mornings with food but after 2-3 pm I was so nauseous that I felt like throwing up all the time. I entered week 9 of my pregnancy at the end of our holiday which also meant that I was unbelievably tired all the time, but everything went well and I would be ready to travel to Thailand at any time again with my little E. 

But back to my packing list for E, he turned 18 months while we were away so he really was a full-blown toddler at the time. This list is for things we used during our holiday,  if you are looking for a list of stuff I brought on the airplane to entertain E, then you can find it right here.

We have friends who traveled to Thailand on holiday before us and one of the really great advice they gave us was: Don’t forget to bring swimming diapers, and they were right. Swimming diapers were impossible to find anywhere in Krabi and Koh Lanta, we ran out one of the last days we were there and was not able to find any. 

Here is my complete toddler packing list for Thailand:

  1. E’s passport
  2. Swimming diapers
  3. Regular diapers for the first days
  4. Unscented baby wipes ( In both Thailand and Italy I have only been able to find scented)
  5. Washcloths 
  6. Nappy cream, I only use Weleda Calendula Nappy Change Cream, it is the BEST there is.
  7. Baby paracetamol, I brought an extra bottle. When we were in Italy E got the 3-day fever and we only brought what was left in the bottle, and it was not enough. I don’t want to be in that situation again ever.
  8. Thermometer + Vaseline 
  9. Nasal washer/flusher
  10. Baby oil, shampoo
  11. Extra plate, spoon and a fork in plastic.
  12. Formula. He does not get formula anymore, just regular milk in his bottle, but it is such a great thing to bring if they get sick. Often kids don’t want to eat when they are sick, but they will drink from a bottle, and the formula contains all the necessary vitamins you kid could be missing when they won’t eat.
  13. Baby bottle 
  14. Healthy soft crackers for the drives and waiting time
  15. 3 fruit pouches (you can buy them in Thailand so there is no reason to bring a lot)
  16. Cloth diapers
  17. Bibs 
  18. 2 pairs of swimming trunks
  19. 2 One-piece UV swimsuits 
  20. Konfidence swimming vest 
  21. Toddler life jacket for the longer sailing trips, it is not enough to use a swimming vest, since there is no support for the child’s head and neck in a swimming vest. If you are not planning to go on Longtail Boat/sailing trips it is not necessary. 
  22. Waterbottle  my favorite is Phillips Avent, they are the best there is.
  23. Extra pacifiers E loves MAM pacifiers, so I only use them.
  24. A few books for goodnight reading
  25. His snuggle bunny
  26. A thin blanket, it is hot in Thailand, but it can be a good idea to bring a blanket for the cold air-conditioning that is everywhere. 
  27. 2 extra Spaghetti Bolognaise food containers, we never got to use them. But I would bring it the next time we are going to travel anywhere, you never know.
  28. Onesies, only 1 with long sleeves, the rest was with short sleeves.
  29. Shorts
  30. Sleeveless tanks tops
  31. T-shirts
  32. 1 long-sleeved shirt for the airplane
  33. 1 pair of trouser for the airplane
  34. 1 par of open sandals
  35. 2 sun hats
  36. 2 pair of socks
  37. A few of E’s favorite toys, not too much, most days will go by playing on the beach and in the pool.
  38. Nail clipper, everything grows fast when it’s hot, especially nails and hair.
toddler packing list for thailand

Other recommendations:

  1. Remember to vaccinate when your toddler is older than 1 year, for hepatitis A.
  2. Book an evening flight, our flight took off at 6 pm in the evening on our way down there, it was perfect, E slept more than 8 hours on the way down there.
  3. All hotels I have ever stayed on in Thailand offers to wash your clothes and on almost all of them I have experienced getting it back clean and dry the same day if you drop it off in the morning, so don’t go overboard when you pack your toddler’s clothing. 
  4. Buy the beach toys and pool floats when you arrive in Thailand it is everywhere and it is cheap. If you want to bring it from home I can recommend this one
  5. Buy regular diapers in 7eleven or Cosco, they are everywhere.
  6. Ask before you go if the hotel has a crib, most hotels have them and they set it up before arrival if you ask them. 
  7. I do not recommend a beach tent, it is simply too hot, I would recommend finding more natural shadow under trees. It becomes so hot in those UV tents, we brought one but only used it once. When we went to Italy in September the weather was perfect for a beach tent, and I would definitely recommend it there, you can find the one I have here.
  8. We met up with some friends down there who lives in Thailand, and they said that they used an app as a sound machine because sometimes it can be quite noisy in Thailand, E falls asleep pretty easy, so we did not use it.
  9. But they said that it has helped them a lot when they go to weekend aways around Thailand, so if you have a child that is sensitive to noise I think it is worth giving it a try. A sound machine could also be a solution, you can find them here.
  10. On the pharmacies in Thailand, you can buy little mosquito pads to apply on the clothing, they do not contain any poison and is a much better alternative than mosquito spray.

toddler packing list for thailand

Our beautiful hotel pool in Ao Nang, Krabi

I hope this packing guide has helped you and you feel more confident in packing for your next trip to Thailand, it is such a great country and they really love kids, so your toddler will be in paradise.

Next blog posts coming up about Thailand will be: Kid-friendly Thai food and a Travel guide for Krabi and Koh Lanta

Let me know if you have any questions about Thailand or if there is anything you think I should add to the list.

Where are your favorite kid-friendly travel destinations? Let me know in the comments, I love getting travel suggestions.



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